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What is Listen Local First and What is DC Local Music Day?


Listen Local First DC (LLF) is a local music initiative devoted to building awareness and creating opportunities for local musicians and venues in order to raise the profile of DC’s local music scene.  LLF was born out of a collaborative effort with Think Local First DC and seeks to partner with local musicians, local arts organizations, local venues and locally owned businesses to create performance opportunities and new avenues for local music exploration. LLF’s mission is not genre specific.  In order to promote the true cultural depth of DC’s music scene LLF would seek to equally represent all local genres, from folk to funk.


DC Local Music Day is a monthly city wide event that will feature a wide range of local musicians through a series of local music days.  DC Local Music Day normally happens either the first or second Wednesday of each month.  The purpose of DC Local Music Day is to promote LLF’s mission through collaborations between local musicians and local businesses.  LLF and the local musicians will support and promote the local businesses while they in turn promote the musicians


For the last three months between 20-30 local businesses across the city partnered with Listen Local First and Think Local First, to promote our awesome and diverse local music community. DC Local Music Day received massive media attention with articles in the Washington City Paper and The Washington Post as well as in many local blogs and media outlets. For more info on our past events and featured artists please visit