LLF Winners and Noms at the WAMMIES!

Listen Local First had an amazing showing at the WAMMIES this Sunday!  With 20 of our Featured Artists Nominated we were ecstatic.  When five artists won a total of seven awards we jumped for joy.  Congratulations to all the LLF Featured Artist Winners and Nominees this year!


Artist of the Year and Modern Rock Vocalist Award Winner Margot MacDonald - Photo: Stephen Gosling

Artist of the Year – Margot MacDonald

Reggae Vocalist – Gordon Daniels

Reggae Group – Lucky Dub

Reggae Recording – Mindset Lucky Dub

Modern Rock Vocalist – Margot MacDonald

Folk Contemporary Duo Group – The Sweater Set

Rapper – Christylez Bacon


Reggae Recording – See-i See-i

Modern Rock Group – More Humans, US Royalty

Modern Rock Records – Demon Station More Humans, Mirrors US Royalty

Pop Rock Group – Deleted Scenes, Vegas with Randolph

Pop Rock Recording – Young People’s Church of Air Deleted Scenes, Above the Blue Vegas with Randolph

New Artist of the Year – Paul Pfau and the Dimestore Band

Album of the Year – Mirrors US Royalty, One World Sovereignty Nappy Riddem

Songwriter of the Year – Margot MacDonald

Video of the Year – Neon Magazine Bosley

Record Company of the Year – Fort Knox Recordings

Producer of the Year – Oddisee

Electronica DJ – Will Eastman

Electronic Recording – One World Sovereignty Nappy Riddem

Folk Contemporary Vocalist – Maureen Andary of The Sweater Set

Folk Contemporary Recording – Goldmine The Sweater Set, Here and Now is Home Rene Moffat

Jazz Duo/Group – The Funk Art

Jazz Recording – Memoir Among Brothers Jolley Bros

Rapper – Kokayi, Oddisee

Rap/Hip Hop Recording – Rock Creek Park Oddisee


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